A powerful method to transform your fear into brilliance

I am so excited and deeply privileged to share my book with you!

This life-changing book introduces a powerful new method called The Expansion Game, which can free you from the fear of: failure; not being good enough; and being judged. It is packed with many real life examples, case studies and helpful tips, which will help you to let go of the need to hide, procrastinate and play small.

This book will help you to…

  • Turn your biggest fears into your biggest successes.
  • Find clarity quickly.
  • Make brilliant decisions.

The Expansion Game will provide you with a reliable tool when you need to shift your state of mind and cut through a fog of confusion. It will give you the clarity and confidence to live your best life.

We can’t afford to play small anymore. Instead of letting fear drive us, we need to make decisions from a place of love and clarity, which will have an outstandingly positive impact on our lives, on everybody around us, and on the whole planet.

This amazing technique has already helped thousands of people to live more fully and expansively.

Enjoy The Expansion Game and share it with other people!

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What Other People Are Saying About This Book

“The Expansion Game by Gosia Gorna provides the most powerful and profound tool for quick and sustainable change to overcome your deepest fears and connect to the positive vision of your own change. I have used it myself many times and shared it with thousands of women leaders around the world.”

  Dr Sam CollinsDr Sam Collins

CEO Aspire Trailblazing Women

“The Expansion Game is a simple yet profound way to overcome limitations in our thinking. Highly recommended for anyone feeling stuck.”

Dr Joanna MartinDr Joanna Martin

Visionary, Coach, Catalyst, Entrepreneur, Activist

“Gosia’s Expansion Game is fiercely powerful. I remember playing it with her a few years ago and being overwhelmed by the power of it. Afterwards it was clear that nothing was going to stand in my way of fulfilling my purpose and mission in life. Having this book is a huge gift to me and to everyone else who believes in fulfilling their potential.”

Brita Fernandez SchmidtBrita Fernandez Schmidt

Executive Director of Women for Women International UK


A powerful method to transform your fear into brilliance